Sunday, January 17, 2010

Waiting for spring...

Here I sit,
waiting for spring...

Feathered friends are busy eating to stay warm.

The old broom and bucket wait to be used

The old bench waits to be meditated upon

Traces of last year's Agapanthus stand bare

The nut trees drink up the rain

A last remaining pumpkin of last year's harvest sports a hole...

maybe a mouse house?

This week's weather forecast is for rain, rain, rain.

The prediction - wind, flooding and possible mudslides.

We need the rain...
so I'll sit inside and wait where its warm,
... thankful for the rain.
That ensures a good start for my bit o'earth.

What are you doing while waiting the up-coming season?


  1. Oh Vicki, what a beautiful post. I love the photos, especially the "mouse house" I am also waiting for Spring, roaming around the house, too restless to finish any project but thankful for our dry, warm, cozy home. Life can never be boring as long as I have magical places to visit, such as yours xxx

  2. Such a wonderful post Vicki, I too am waiting for spring, though atm as the snow has now thawed, we have a lot of flooding here in the UK, and they forecast rain all next week! Hugs xxx

  3. Ah yes we all wait for Spring a season of New Beginnings! Hurrah!
    Vicki your words today on my comments touched me.
    My mother was a special lady that's for sure.
    love and light to you and your mom xoxoox aNNa

  4. We had rain yesterday and they are calling for more. The sun is shining now and their is a warmth to the air. Just alittle teaser that spring is around the corner.


  5. Oh Vicki for the upcoming season I am trying to just soak up the sun's rays as it moves over to your bit o' earth...Our weather here has been strange too...but hot days are predicted towards the end of the week...I just love them and can't get enough of them...Now, if only I could tag along and come to your part of the earth and experience your Summer...
    Tonight I'm doing a cook up...but couldn't find any sage leaves...had to buy the powdered one...How I wish I could've popped over, you might've had some growing...Enjoy the spring air as it gently comes to Autumn is in the air over here...lotsa love from mt bit o'earth to yours...Dzintra♥x

  6. Summer drags on here with very high temperatures forecast for the next few days. Everything in the garden is starting to look tired. Always at this time of year I really start yearning for autumn .... still a while to go but I can dream! Leigh

  7. Like you we are waiting for spring, I hope you avoid the mudslides, that sounds very scary!

  8. Gorgeous post Vicki! I miss Agapanthus so much. I wish we could grow them here.

    You've inspired me to buy some gardening books, so that's what I'm up to right about now... ;)


    PS the fireplace says "We love our home" in Latin :)