Sunday, January 31, 2010


The rain will be back tomorrow,
so a walk to the beach was in order today
while the sun still shines.

Its turns up all kinds of treasures

The winter storms have tossed piles of debris onto the beach

Some of the debris is unwanted...

and sometimes I wonder how the sea creatures
bear the piles of stuff that gets dumped into their home.

I love the path to our beach
Its lined with aromatic Rosemary shrubs

Amongst the blue flowers
are these little "honey pots"
happily humming up a busy day.

...a stray feather makes itself into a lovely ornament

Well camouflaged,
this little pretty hides in the grasses and suns itself.

It only takes a few minutes on the beach,
to melt away the stresses of life.

I could just stay on the beach forever...

What would it be like to
not have to go to work,
pay the bills,
clean the house...

Would I get tired of just listening to the waves?
I can't imagine that I would

Did you get to take a walk this weekend?
down a neighborhood street
or a wooded trail
in a park,
or at the beach...

No matter where you walk,
nature is always there to offer its treasures


  1. I envy you. I love the beach, but have not been to one in over 30 years. Long story there. I do hope to go to one in the next couple of years though.

    Also hoping that when it comes time for Hubby to retire we move near one, so I can take walks along the beach.


  2. Beautiful pictures. I love to walk and soak up nature. Enjoy the sunshine. Take care. Susan

  3. Oh Vicki a girl after my own heart...I can't seem to stay away from the beach...I don't think that you will every tire of listening to the waves as I don't think I ever will!!!
    I was there yesterday...I want to go again today...trying to fit everything in to my short spaces of time...Enjoy your fabulous beach as I will mine...Love from Down Under Up Over to you my dear Friend...Dzintra♥x

  4. Good job keep it up
    im waiting for your new posts