Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oh Stormy

Three of four storms that are lined up out in the Pacific
have hit us.
One left to go...

Yesterday lightening and thunder...
so big that it almost felt like an earthquake!
We have this hug Redwood tree in front of the house.
You can see it on the right in this picture.

The lightening was amazing!
For about an hour it was one streak after another

I hope hope hope its strong enough to withstand the
60mph wind gusts we've been getting!

In the back yard,
a whole trunk of a falling Cyprus tree has smashed our fence

Naked looking Avocado trees,
and a yard filled with piles of torn off branches.

At one point we were getting 2 inches of rain an hour

One more storm is slated to come in tomorrow morning,
but after that, hopefully we'll get a break.

We need the rain, but this amount all at once
has caused power outages, flooding, and mudslides
in our area.

So far, we still have our power...
"knock on wood!"

A big clean up will be in order when the sun comes out!


Meanwhile, I had a chance between storms
to go to the fabric store and buy this fun mix of fabrics.

Years ago, when my boys were little
I made matching sailor outfits for them...
proof that I can sew IF inspired to.

My problem:
one mistake, or need to rip a seam,
and the garment is likely end up abandoned.

I really must work on "patience"
Hopefully I can make this easy little pattern for my Sophia,
without having to fix mistakes!

One remaining pumpkin gets a shower on the back porch


  1. Cute fabric. The pattern looks so cute too.

    I hope the storm does not do any more damage.

    A few years ago a neighbors huge pine tree fell on our front porch. If we did not have a metal fence in front the tree would have taken out our roof on the porch.

    I love storms, but not lightening.


  2. My sister lives in Southern California and they are experiencing the rain and wind like never before. I love lightening, from a safe distance. Great pictures. The pattern is so cute. Cant wait to see what fabrics you choose. Keep us posted.

  3. Hope the weather is better and that your beautiful tree made it through the storm xx
    (love the pattern, she is going to look adorable!)

  4. i do not sew (other than seams in my knitting) but thankfully my best friend does. she'll do trade with me. knitted loveliness for sewn beauty. she's currently fixing a shirt for me.

    we got a bit of that weather while at the coast this week. i missed all the lightening, but my friend tells me it shook the hotel we stayed at and she was a wee bit nervous.

  5. Dear Vicki...grabbing a moment here while we have Ryan here!!! I hope those storms haven't caused you any more damage...they sound pretty powerful...
    What gorgeous fabric you have bought there...this is going to be a very very cute little outfit for your Sophie...Looking forward to it all...Have a great weekend, Lots of love to you Up Over...Dzintra♥x

  6. Well I hope all the stormy weather has passed and left you in the mood to sew.
    Love the bright cheery fabric and it'll look so cute on Sofie with her beautiful auburn hair.
    Enjoy your week and just remember all the wonderful things in the garden that the rain will bring to life.
    Susan x