Saturday, March 20, 2010

Endless To Do List items were the order of the day

I'm heading off to spend a couple days with my sweet Sophia!

She's a girl after her Nami's own heart (that's me)
See the rake in her hands?
She and her daddy started a garden this week
I'm sure she'll tell me all about it...
the trick will be understanding Sophia language! (:

She loves flowers

She'll be 2 on April 1,
but we're celebrating early
because baby brother is due to arrive
about the same time as her birthday.

I spent today getting last minute things done
and packing to go

The baby chicks are turning into teenagers...
all raggedy and gangily...

Putt-Putt shows off her height and new feathers!

They talk to eachother constantly...

"Something moved...
we're sure its a yummy bug!"

"Hey! That was my bug!"

They're a real pair!

The Cecil Brunner rose is starting to bloom

I can't wait for it to be a froth of pink over the garden gate
The blossoms are intoxicating

The greenhouse is busy these days too
The tomatoes are putting out flowers in good numbers
We should have tomatoes by the end of May

Fusia and Geraniums in hanging baskets

In the outside garden area,
DH has made me these rather unsightly,
but very effective garden bed covers.

They serve to keep bugs off,
and the heat in during the early spring days.

My favorite buddy, and trusty work horse

Earth is here so kind,
that just tickle her with a hoe
and she laughs with a harvest.

by Douglas William Jerrold,
about Australia, A Land of Plenty


  1. Sophie is a living doll...
    I am rather envious of your wonderful garden, lush and green tomato plants on those fantastic cages...
    Here the crocus has just begun to sprout.
    Enjoy your time with Sophie and well wishes for a wonderful birth of your next blessed Grand-baby.
    Susan x

  2. What a lovely little girl! I'm sure she has a lot to tell about the new garden! Enjoy your time with her and the rest of the family! Your garden is doing well and so are the chicks!

  3. i need to get seeds. i think we are going to try starting our own tomatoes this year. we've got a great potting shed and it does get rather warm in there...although today is grey and rainy so i don't think it's the day for me to work in the garden. instead, i will shop! :)

    have fun with that girl of yours!

  4. I just love Sophie's hair! What a breathtaking color! Glad to hear you're full of happy plans and that your garden is already blooming. It's a bit slow on my side of the woods, but at least the rain and the storms are gone. Happy Spring and lots of blessings xxx

  5. Oh my ~ look at that beautiful red hair! So pretty! I'm glad to see your two little chicks seem to be doing well. And you have tomatoe plants growing ~ lucky girl! I love the smell of tomatoe will be awhile yet before I can plant some tomatoes.

    Hope you had a terrific weekend Vicki!

  6. What a wonderful post. Sophie is beautiful. The chicks looks like they are ready to conquer the world and it looks like everything is coming to life in your part of the world. Love it. Thanks.

  7. Wishing your Sophie a very happy 2nd Birthday with lots of lovely hugs from her Nami!!! Perhaps she's going to become a gardener too with her love of flowers!!! The chicks are starting to look like 'teenagers' now...Your garden is stunning Vicki...Enjoy your Spring as it starts to heat up...we are starting to cool down now but it is still glorious weather...Love to you, Dzintra♥x