Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cook- up with Dzintra

Somehow I let my subscription to Donna Hay magazine lapse
By the time I realized it,
I had missed out on the newest issue.
I'm totally bummed
and will have to go to the bookstore to see if I can find it.

In the meantime I renewed my subscription,
but its taking a forever to get here from Australia

Sooo... I went on over to Amazon to see what I could find
(I love that store!)

I found this wonderful cookbook from Donna Hay!

So I bought it
because I've really been very impatient
to do my cook-up with Dzintra

I found a delicious recipe in the new book!

Ready-ing all the ingredients...


Wine vinegar
Soy sauce

Fresh Corriander (cilantro) from my garden!

Pad Thai Rice Noodles
with chili peanut sauce

Chicken simmering in the sticky sauce

Here's Donna Hay's photo of the dish...

And here's mine...

Looks delicious, doesn't it!?

It was!
I ate way too much
(I can feel the chub attached to my hips as I type)

I love Donna Hay
I hope this doesn't offend anyone,
but to me, she's kinda like Martha Stewart is the US

but better....
Is that bad to say?

I love her style
Its classy, but down-home,
and the photos are as delicious looking as the food tastes


I've hatched a new project for myself...

I've been creating a recipe book for myself
...and another one for my little Sophia.

To keep all my favorite recipes in, and
I'm hoping that one day she'll like having my recipes too I love having my grandmother's recipes

She may not realize it until later...
But in the meantime, I'll have fun making the books

They're both in the style of True Colors,
(a collaborative art journal produced by Somerset Studios)

I found this unique little binder at the flea market here's what I've been doing with it...

(slowly... as I have time)

The pages have pockets where my recipes slide in and out

When the binder is open,
it sits up on its own self-contained stand.

Isn't it fun?

And here's Sophie's Recipe Book

I'm not as far along with hers,
but I figure I have a little time...
she's only 2...

Here she is...
super serious about mixing those cookies!
and wearing her little apron I made for her 1st Birthday

I wonder if she'll have favorite dishes that her Nami makes...
Can't wait to find out!



  1. Just like the threads that connect us by the passage of linens, quilts and samplers... the gift of a recipe book tried, tasted and proven from a Grandmother, Mother or any family member is beyond compare...
    Sophie is a lucky girl.
    Love all those yummy food dishes and from my end they're calorie free.
    Susan x

  2. Oh Vicki that looks absolutely scrumptious!!! I could almost reach right in and have I'm hungry and I've already had dinner!!!
    What an absolutely fabulous idea for your Sophie to have a recipe book from her you're giving me ideas!!! And wow look at that cool is that...doesn't she look so sweet there...A lovely post Vicki...Much Love, Dzintra♥x

  3. What a thoughtful idea. I love it! A real treasure for her to cherish when she is grown up- xx

  4. What a wonderful idea. She will love it. Your recipe and pictures are great. I'll have to check out Donna. Thanks.

  5. That sounds and looks like a great dish. Anything with chilis in it My hubby loves.

    The cookbook is a great idea. I had to learn cooking all by myself and envied people who had recipes passed on down to them by their families. So a few years ago I started a book of my own, so when the grandkids get big they will see what Nana cooked. I also put other peoples recipes in it that I have tried and put their name and alittle about them when I can. It is fun.


  6. How lovely to share your love of cooking with Sophia.

    You have inspired me to start a recipe book, thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Vicki I must admit I don't know Donna Hay but I will make a point of looking at her cookbook at Amazon. Mmmm..looks the tai noodles!

  8. What a wonderful idea to make a recipe book for your daughter. I am sure she will appreciate it a lot when she grows older:)

  9. This chicken sounds fabulous, I will be trying it this week! Beautiful Blog too, my chicks come this week and after looking at your pictures I can't wait!!

  10. I love the way you have used collage for your beautiful many lovely layers. You inspire me to try my own collage, something I have never really tried.

    And I have to say, your dish looks so much more delicious than the pic from the cookbook. I can almost taste it from here! It looks soooo tasty!