Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I'm still feeding my birds
I'll taper off soon since food is more plentiful for them now,
but for now I'm still enjoying their company.

Many of them are very trusting of me
Some don't even move from the bench as I put food down,
but this little guy wasn't so sure of me.

I think I know what he's thinking...

"What's that!? ...something's moving...
I'm not sure if I want to be here..."

"I think I'll just move over here... just in case I have to get outta here!"

"OK... I'm outta here!"

I know alot of bird watchers really dislike these little guys,
but who can resist a picture of those yellow eyes,
silky smooth feathers and deep metallic blues?


I found this perfect air-tight gallon sized jar at Cost Plus World Market
Its perfect for storing my sundry ribbons n' lace!

With everyone tightening their belts due to the tough economy,
DH has built me a clothesline

I just love it!
He surprised me with a fancy little twist on the ends (:

I had forgotten how good line dried sheets smell!
After drying my first load of sheets in years,
it brought back memories of my childhood...
as we climbed into bed and breathed deeply the wonderful fresh scent
and drifted off to sleep

I got the best night's sleep~


  1. What a fun post. Great photos. I have been asking for a clothesline for several years (8 actually), maybe your picture will be the motivation we need here. Take care, Susan

  2. we may have to try drying our sheets outside this summer. still a bit too unpredictable up here, the weather that is.

  3. Vicki...what a sweet little birdie!!! I love all your bits and pieces in that jar, especially that one with the little pearls on it...Don't they just look so good sitting like that...even if they just sit there for ages and ages!!! What a cool washing line...we need to have a more compact one here...we have a Hills Hoist and it seems to take up the yard...Happy Drying to you...Love Dzintra♥x

  4. Vicki I love birds! I can't wait for them to all get back in the garden again.
    I am so coveting that clothesline...and the lace!!!

  5. Oh Vicki, you are such a romantic! I love this post! xx

  6. I am also thinking about having Hubby put me a clothesline up. I had one when the kids were little. I really do miss the wonderful smell of clean clothes drying on the clothes line, but wait, I forgot that our next door neighbor has 4 dogs and when the wind blows our way.

    Oh well I guess I better not ask Hubby now that I think about it.


  7. I love watching the birds in our garden! We never feed them, they get enough food around here. Great way to store your ribbons etc. What a lovely clothes line! I always dry clothes outside, never had a dryer. They are not common here either. Enjoy the wonderful smell of clothes dried outside in the sun!

  8. Oh, I have heard about this so good sheets smell when they have been dried on the line. I have never experienced that and have always wanted to. I have never lived in a house that had a clothes line.

    And birdwatchers don't like those birds?!?!? Why not?? They are beautiful.

  9. What a beautiful clothes line. If you ever decide to go back to over heated, artificially smelling sheets (like me) you can turn this into an arbor and grow roses, or grapes, or wisteria .. or sweet smelling honeysuckle. Lovely!

  10. I love watching birds! I have 4 feeders on the go all through the winter. They make quite the mess ~ but I don't mind. The joy the birds bring me more then make up for it. :)