Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I don't know anything about this cast iron bull, other than grandpa loved it. I don't know if its old or new. My grandpa was a farmer, and grew all kinds of food crops in the old days, then moved on to raising prize winning Black Angus cattle. He had many prize bulls and cows. At one point he named each one after each of his grandkids. We had a big laugh over the fact that he named a bull after my sister! LOL. Anyway, if anyone out there knows anything about these cast iron type animals... write me a note. I'd love to know about this one, since I inherited it. (:

My grandpa and a prized animal!
He was a handsome guy
Grandpa ... not the bull!


  1. This bull looks like a most prized possession...the way he is standing proud. Have just caught up with your other posts...have been bogged down in assignments. Have a great weekend...Dzintra

  2. Judging by the screw just behind his front extended leg he appears to be in two pieces? Perhaps he is some kind of mold. Either way he'd make a great display piece in a place of honor befitting his ancestry.
    As for the bottom photo he's a perfect image of what a Grandpa should look like... a man of wisdom, devotion and love oh yes and knowledge... and that's no bull.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Love your bull & your grandpa's photo! He looks like a wonderful man! Thanks for visiting the other day~keep in touch! :) chris p.s. I'm off to read more of your beautiful blog~

  4. What a darling photo of your Grandpa....he looks so sweet. It's been such a pleasure to read some of your posts, this morning. Hope you have a happy weekend!
    xo Lidy

  5. Cute fellow your grandad. Luv the cherished much meaning and connections...real treasures!

    Hugs Annabelle