Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nothing had gone right in his life
...right from the start.
He was an abandoned child.
Only his adopted mother had wanted him,
...and now even she was gone.
His father had told him outright...
"...if it had been my choice, you would not have been here!"

All his life he had struggled.
He had no power to change things for himself
not until the day he heard about it...

a place...
and something out there that would give him what he wished for...

It was abandoned... out on a grass plain.
It had been used long ago,
but not anymore.
He had to go.
He had to go find out for himself...

There it was...
Old, and almost nothing left of it.
Would he find the power he craved
...the power to change his life?

Oh yes... he would find power...
...but what would it cost?

Would he win...

or lose...

Our two youngest sons are student filmmakers. They and their crew of fellow students shot a film this week. It was an amazing collaboration of friends and family. It was an amazing amount of work. I have a deep appreciation for a 2 hour film now!

I miraculously became a caterer, and my husband a go-fer. My sister and her husband too. It was a family affair... to support our kids.

One son a director, the other a screen writer, my nephew a production designer... along with lifetime friends from high school ... all have hatched a dream. A dream to have their own production company. And they have made that dream begin to come true.

I'm terribly proud of them. Here they are! There is a long road ahead, of course. But one day when they have made it ... my heart will explode with pride for them. It already does.

But for now, they make promo films and advertisements for companies, school, organizations, and more. They are making a decent living... but the dream is to make films. Real films. And one day it will be so...

This particular one will be entered into the University and local film festivals.

Good luck boys! Keep at it.
Stay true to your dreams, and it will happen!
I love you!
XO, Mom


  1. Oh Vicki....what a connection...can you believe it because I can' daughter wants to study writing and film making as well! She is only sixteen but I keep telling her to follow her dream and work hard. This post was such a surprise for me that we both have kids who are interested in the same careers .I sent the link for her to read it for it certainly inspires one I would think. Having a supportive family , being very creative and hard working and most of all believing are all elements to one’s success.Your boys are very, very lucky and from what you posted certainly grabbed my attention. Good for them I say! Keep the dream!
    Hugs Annabelle

  2. Wow Vicki...I wish your Beloved boys for their dream to come true...and what a wonderful world they are entering!!! My friend'd daughter is 17 and does acting...while still at school...and she wants to be as BIG as Cate Blanchett!!! I'd say to all these young people...Go For It!!! Dzintra