Saturday, March 14, 2009


Jaime , a wonderful photographer and new blog friend, has given me the letter "M." I am to list my 10 most favorite words starting with the letter "M." So here they are...

A mystery is something not fully understood, something a little unclear, something yet to be discovered, unearthed, defined. Life simply would not be interesting without mystery. Mysteries challenge us to find out. Mysteries encourage us to look deeper, further, wider, longer, more... You can read a mystery book or watch a mystery movie. You can be a mystery if you want. Life is a mystery. Love is a mystery.

No one compares to mother. We all have a mother. I have a mother. I am a mother. The earth is our mother. Life would not exist without mothers. Thank God for mothers. No one cares for us like mother. No one loves us like mother. Mother is the best word on earth.

A collection of stories that have been passed down from the ancients, usually by word of mouth. Stories about heros and ancestors, villans and supernatural beings, of events and happenings that make us wonder . They may be fiction or half-truth, but the themes are ones we live by even today.

One of my grandmothers was a superstitious woman who warned me never to stare at the moon when it is full. I never knew why, or what she thought might happen if I did ... but I never could help myself. When the moon is full, I simply must stare at it. Nothing bad has happened because of the staring, so its all good. The moon is a friend ... with its smiley bright face when all else is dark. In astronomy class I learned that we could not survive without our lovely moon. It keeps our planet alive, and it makes me dream good things.

Living here on the Monterey Bay, mist is one of our closest friends. Its our built-in air conditioning system. It arrives somewhere in the middle of June, and usually stays until mid August. NOTE: to all who would like to visit the Monterey Bay area ... Fall is best. Summer is misty. Sometimes I get a little tired of it, but all I have to do is drive a few miles inland... where I'm reminded that I'd much rather have my 65-degree air conditioning mist, than the 100+ degree temperatures that makes everyone run their air conditioners.

Without them, we are but "shadows and dust." Its important to build good ones and put them into our memory banks for our older days ... when we can take them out one by one, smile at them, recount them (to ourselves if no one else), remind ourselves we had a good life, and pass them on to our children and grandchildren.

The human mind is the most amazing arrangement of protons, neutrons and electrons... one mix of them produces a grain of sand, while another produces the brain, and yet another our mind. Our minds are capable integrators of fact, emotion and experiences. How? What really is "mind?" Beats me! How is it that we are conscious of being conscious ... and that being conscious is different from all things material or physical? Owwww Eeeee Owwww... deep enough here, but the idea of "mind" facinates me.

Something we need more of. The word "Mutual" means to share something in common, and is a foundation to build relationships upon. To give and take in equal measure... mutually ... to care together, share together... do things in common. I want to practice mutual giving and sharing more in my life.

I have no idea why, but if I can walk into a cave and breathe deep... musty is the word for that scent, and I love that scent. What is it anyway? Moisture combined with clean rock or earth... silly me, but musty is a good thing. (and not to be confused with moldy or stale)

She was originally one of the nine daughters of Mnemosyne and Zeus ... I'm not sure which science or art she presided over at the moment, but somehow she became a guiding spirit and the meaning of inspiration. We all need inspiration and we all have our muse. Mine happens to be my garden.

... and one for the road

This is what my study/office/art-craft room looks like! A mishmash... a collection of STUFF. I conglomeration... Organized bedlam... A hodgepodge... Would I have it any other way? No.

uh... one more...

What would life be without meaning? It's nothing without meaning, right?

Have a great weekend, and if you want to join in the letter game... email me and I'll give you a letter too.


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  1. Hi Vicki...thank you for your visit. Yes I too thought our beaches looked similar!!! The tidal pools have lots of tiny little fish in them at the moment...just lovely...and yesterday I found a coconut on the beach of all things...they certainly don't grow here...not sure if they even grow in Australia...maybe up the Top End!!! As to gluten intolerance that's what I have...there are some great recipes and books around and I find cafes and restaurants are now starting to cater for this. Lots of sites on the net as well if you have a look, let me know how you go with it all. I know how daunting it is at first...
    You have a lovely way with your words Vicki..perhaps you could put pen to paper, but then again this is what blogging is all about. Take Care, Dzintra XX