Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We had a bit of fog in the morning, and I could hear the waves crashing from up the hill on my porch... so I had to investigate.

The local news said that we had rip tides due to wind vs. current directions. From what I understand... when the winds come from the Northwest and the tidal currents are coming into the bay from the southwest, the two elements push the waters from each of the two points of the bay toward each other ... causing the rip tides. They are dangerous, and everyone was warned to stay out of the water.

At certain times of the year the beach is full of little pockets of
shells, seaweed, and all kinds of interesting tidbits.

The sun came out late morning and so did all my visitors!

These two buddies of mine come to visit almost daily. They're my neighbor's dogs, but I borrow their love since I lost my 14 year old border collie a little over a year ago. Hana and Luigi (Weege for short)come over especially when I'm out in the garden... or when we have a BBQ. I don't know how they figure it out, but even before the fire it lit here they come!

I welcome them. They earn their keep!

Hana locates a gopher hole and alerts Weege of the little critter underground. Weege dives into the work! Before long he has a nice fat gopher in his teeth. Though I really can't stand to watch it... I have to admit, its better than putting out traps! We have a lovely gopher population, since the amount of "stuff" they put on the strawberry fields across the road drives them to my organic garden.

A few strawberries from the patch today,
and I'm sure you can guess what we had for dessert this evening!
Thanks to Corey for the great new recipe!!!

The finches are back!
I look forward to the little lovlies arrival each spring.
Their bright color is so striking, and they are the sauciest little imps!

Hey, can't you kids get along!?

Nope! Guess not!
You'd think they were tiny chickens,
the way they peck at eachother!

~A Merry Spring to all~


  1. cool pic, nature is so breath taking. I love it

  2. Hi MomAtHome! Thanks for your note. I love your kids blog! Darling kids! Hugs Vicki

  3. Hey Vicki,
    Just popping over to read your post and checking the specs on your blog.Starting the banner now. Luv the doggies Hanna and Luigi,they are all very smart when it comes to food...good snoochers...not sure the spelling...hehe.
    Strawberries aren't here till june so will have to be happy with ones from California or Florida for now.Luv the tweety birds and that reminds me the neighbor has her hummingbird feeder out...should do the same.Enjoy!
    Hugs Annabelle

  4. G'day Vicki...great pics, especially those 2 doggies Hanna and Luigi...Your wording for the birds is so very fitting...and yuuummm, I love strawberries!!! Dzintra